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Friday, January 10, 2014

As a newlywed, I'm always paying attention to other couples' traditions--big and small. I love hearing about the things other people do year after year, month after month, to make their relationship and home life exciting and sweet. Harley and I decided to start a new series to highlight other bloggers and their creative traditions. 

Kaylyn of The Weir House has a STUNNING blog (seriously, go look), a true artist's eye, and she's as sweet as can be. She was more than happy to tell us about a few of the traditions she shares with her new husband.

Hi, readers! 

When I was asked to guest post on H&J, I freaked a little because I think the girls behind the blog are brilliant - their style, their energy, their creativity. With that being said, I am happy to be here! I can only imagine what y'all are like if I admire Harley and Jane so much! (and yes, I say "y'all". I grew up in Mississippi and currently live in Florida. The south, and its vocabulary, has my heart!)

I was told to write about a tradition that my husband and I share (I laugh when I write "my husband" because we recently got married a week ago, so that term is extremely new to me!) Over dinner, Tyler and I began to throw out ideas on things we do together that keep our love so strong. We quickly realized that it is impossible to choose just one idea. We're huge hopeless romantics and with that comes a lot of romance! Some of the ideas are simple, others are weird. Read below to see how we keep things steamy and new!

1. Love Note Treasure Hunt
At the beginning of our marriage counseling, Tyler and I took a Love Languages test. The results of this test show how you want to be loved. For example, my number one love language is gifts. I like gifts - big and small - because the fact that Tyler bought me something from the grocery store that made him think of me is so heartwarming in my eyes. 

Tyler's love language is words of affirmation. He appreciates love notes, cards, words, etc. With that being said, a big thing in our home is writing one another notes and hiding them throughout our home for each other to find. We've been doing this since the day we met. They can be written on the shower wall (this happens!), post it notes (which is what we most frequently use), napkins; hidden in coffee cups, shoes or the freezer. Anything goes! Receiving sweet words when you least expect it is something that really makes us giddy, and it's super fun to see how creative you can get.

2. Picnics on the Living Room Floor
This has been going on for as long as I've known Tyler. I remember being so stressed one day in college and coming home to a feast (above in 2009) he had created for me on the coffee table. Somehow throughout the years, the food moved to the floor and to this day, that is our go-to eating spot - blanket, pillows, wine glasses and all! We probably use our floor more than our dining table! It's a way for us to relax, sprawl out with good food and enjoy each others company.

We're big appetizer people, so we usually cook a variety of things (or drive around to our favorite restaurants and order takeout). Our usual picnics consist of sushi, wine, a few finger foods, candy and a big blanket to lay on. Try it out! I bet you'll wish you would've tried it sooner!

3. Catching Up at Bed Time 
We were always told "No TV in the bedroom!" Sure, sometimes when it's raining and we want to watch a movie, we wish we had one in front of the bed, but we can easily see why couples don't have TV's here. It is our time to genuinely catch up, and it happens naturally. When it's bed time, we hit the sheets and begin talking about our day - things we liked, things we would have changed. It's simple, but it brings us together at the end of every day. 

Whether it be love notes or picnics, don't be afraid to try new things. Every marriage, including ours, needs a little spice, and I can guarantee that our spice won't stop here. Thanks for having me, y'all!

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