Modest Golden Globe Looks I'm Loving

Monday, January 13, 2014

While we don't do red carpet fashion here a lot, but I love seeing celebrities that celebrate modest fashion. Seeing someone look completely stunning in a modest gown is so refreshing because I can say to myself, "I can wear that!" and more often than not it's the other way around. You hear me fellow mormon girls? Respect. So here it be. My favorite modest looks from the Globes.

1. Olivia Wilde would look gorgeous in a paper bag, but here she looks like a beautiful pregnant mermaid.
2. Julie Bowen- Stunner! Love the color combo and velvet belt.
3. Emily Moss - So much lovely beading happening.
4. Julianna Marguiles - This is just so classy. Would look amazing on pretty much everyone.
5. Alison Williams - This chicks stylist is killing it lately. Easing her from soft and feminine to edgy.
6. Lily Rabe- Sparkle! I probably could've done without that little belt, but over all the look is effective.
7. Caitlin-Fitzgerald - Cute. Like a modern Alice in Wonderland.
8. Emma Watson - I realize that this is just a glorified apron over capri pants, but Emma looks so adorable from the front. I had to include it. Also, will you be my best friend?

What were your favorites?

Side Note- While Amy and Tina aren't represented in my round up, can we just all agree they looked stunning? If I ever look as good as Tina in my whole life all I can say is DATE ME.

Also, last seasons modest red carpet looks.


  1. I am right with you on the modest stance! I absolutely adore Olivia Wilde's dress! Thanks for the post! I love your blog!

  2. I absolutely loved Emma Watson's red carpet look (although I do wish the pants were more noticeable from the front. Definitely a winner in my book!

  3. These are such great picks. People were totally bringing it this year! I haven't been so happy with a red carpet showing in a while. Also, yes, Tina and Amy looks amazing! Love those ladies!

    Becca || Ladyface Blog

  4. I loved all of these! Beautiful, elegant and I don't think you'd be afraid of falling, you know what I mean? =)


  5. Thank you so much for putting these all together! My favorite thing is to go through and find all the modest dresses then covet them. You've taken out the dirty work, so I can just sit, admire, and start making some patterns!

  6. loooove that you found the modest dresses. they look beautiful!

    xx Laur

  7. I didn't catch the Golden Globe Awards on TV but I was able to see what the stars were wearing through Fashion Police. My favorites are the green and black gowns! -Jess L

  8. I loved your picks! Check out mine at Let me know what you think of mine!