a magical street in downtown copenhagen

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

While Michael and I were in Denmark we never really got on the right scheduled. We would stay up until about 4am and then wake up around noon. It led to a lot of night exploring. My favorite place that we stumbled upon was this courtyard. It is located right below the round tower on KĂžbmagergade. I have only been here during the day and never noticed these lights before. I thought they were so magical and maybe that is a cheesy word to use, but with a light rain falling and Michel and I trying to jump from one bright light to the next I felt incredible, alive, and happy.

 And a few other night shots from downtown Copenhagen.


  1. Magical photos! Night exploration is the best, you feel that the city is both alive and sleeping at the same time, it's beautiful!

  2. I'm traveling to Europe on Friday! I've heard Copenhagen is a a great destination.


  3. i spy a disney store :]

    seriously such a cute area. denmark seems so cute and cozy.