this season

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the twinkling lights.

the smell of the pines.

the tinsel lining the streets.

every year they come.

and every year they are just as enchanting.

however, the incredible part is not the lights, pines, or tinsel.

the incredible part is that we stop.

and look.

and notice.

and love.

and relish.

amidst the chaotic holiday rush.

for a few moments we pause.

and adore.

and embrace.

and savor.

small moments.

when real life becomes more magical than we could ever hope.

those are the moments that make life extraordinary.

those are where we stop.


  1. this nearly brought me to tears! beautifully written.

  2. this post made my heart happy.

  3. this made me so happy :) i love this time of year so much, you put it in such perfect words.