kicking off december right

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My dear husband is from Denmark where they have the most delicious holiday desserts. My favorite is Æbleskivers- they are a round pancake like dessert, but so much fluffier and so much more delicious. I have been craving them for a few days and then December first hit and it just felt right.

We don't have a special recipe, the one from does just fine. You will need a special pan, ours is cast iron and was given to us by Michael's mother. I have heard good things about this pan from Williams-Sonoma.

Just follow the recipe. The trick to baking them is turning them slowly while in the pan. It's a little tricky to explain... but that is what YouTube is for! Check out this video and go to the 3 minute mark. You use wooden skewers and turn them in order to get that spherical shape. You will be an expert. I also did something a little crazy this time... I filled them with nutella. Just dump a dollap of that rich hazelnut goodness in the middle mid turn and continue on your merry way.

Then dip in jam and powered sugar and you will basically be danish yourself. Vikings unite!


  1. Oh, that sounds delicious! The Nutella in the middle sounds divine.

  2. Yum sounds delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing this, I will have to give it a try!