what harley wore: creamy lace and a parking lot

Friday, September 27, 2013

This is what I wore to church on Sunday. Normally I have a lot of meetings in the morning which doesn't allow for a lot of "primping" time, but this Sunday I had no meetings to speak of. I spent the extra time curling my hair and putting on lipstick. A rare occurrence these days. I feel like such a fraud when I take these outfit posts... only snapping pictures on the days when I get a dolled up. Just wait for the day when I post photos of me in jeans and an oversized guys tee. Dreamy.

I found this dress on The Dress Spot (we did a giveaway back in July and it explains how the site works really well). But basically you can search for dresses all over the internet by color... and sleeve length... and skirt length... really anything you want! Any one out there looking for bridesmaid dresses? This site is literally perfect for the whole different but still the same color vibe. I was on the hunt for a cream dress. Cream, for some reason, really makes me feel like a lady. How much more proper and Elizabeth Bennett like I feel when I slip this number on. So after choosing my color The Dress Spot brought up all these amazing options and ultimately I ended up with this midi number from Asos and ain't she a lady. Yes I just used the word ain't. It's Friday ok?

Dress: ASOS c/o the dress spot
Shoes: Nine west
Sweater: Loft (old)
Rings: Madewell (similar)
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  1. i love that dress, soooo cute. i've been eyeing it.
    and on sundays i don't have church early but i still never do my hair or get ready. whoops.


  2. DANG GIRL omg it's gorgeous on you! YOU are gorgeous !

  3. You always look so fab in dresses.

  4. This dress is gorgeous. Thanks for the tip about the Dress Spot. Why didn't someone think of that sooner? That should make shopping so much easier!

  5. You're such a babe. I love this outfit. That's how I am on Sunday's too. Except I don't have any meetings, just church at 9 AM will do that to me.. Haha.

    Also, I'm 5'3". I'm a shorty. :)

  6. You are beautiful. I wish you could come teach me how to dress myself. Everyday is a panic attack in my closet.

  7. Gorgeous dress!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx