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Friday, August 9, 2013

i have a lot of things to say today.

1. i took a break from blogging for the last little while (like a week?) because, and i'm being honest here, it wasn't making me happy. i was focused on making it something it was never intended to be. i was focusing too much on what people thought. or what sponsorships were purchased instead of what the blog was created for.  jane and i started this blog so we would always be friends. as cheesy and cliche as that sounds it has totally worked. obviously i have nothing else to compare our relationship to, but with her in utah and me in illinois i love getting a sneak peak at her life. i like read her posts and feeling like we have had a conversation about it. we are lucky enough in our endeavor to have met some amazing people. we are part of this fantastic online community and for that i am so thankful, but i really need to put things in perspective. what is more important? my blog life? or my personal life. it seems like and easy answer (duh) but for me the balance of both has been tricky. if you have been reading and still read our little blog THANK YOU we are so happy you are here. sorry if we don't post every single day like we used too, but we are trying something a little bit different. we are trying to let this be sneak peaks of our life, a place where we share memories and moments of the actual life we live, while not letting it become our life. does that make sense?

2. which brings me to point 2, i have been feeling super silly lately taking outfit posts. i had michael take some yesterday, and maybe i'll post them, maybe i won't. i don't feel like i dress that well when there are SO MANY FASHION bloggers that do it so much better. however, those seem to be the posts that people respond to the most. so i am not sure what the balance is. i don't have fancy j crew clothes, i only own like two purses, wear a back pack most of the time, and rarely do my hair. i feel like my outfits are normal with not a whole lot of fashion-y things to say, but at the same time it is nice to get a little dressed up and have your hubby take some close up shots. so there that is. 

3. sometimes getting up in the morning to go to work is such a struggle. i am so grateful that i have a job and that it is in the industry that i love,  but at the same time it is still work. and hard work at that. some times i find myself waking up in the morning and my brain says, "NO! not today! call in sick!" and on those days i find i have the worst days. sometimes i can catch that thought before it flourishes and tell it to shut up. i say, "Shut up voice! I have to work today, but I can choose to have a good day and not hate my life." and honestly that is what has been getting me through as of late. that and my husband rubbing my back.

4. i have monday off from work and i fully intend to sit around in my pajamas eating tons of burritos and watching orphan black.

5. ahhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnd............. welcome to my brain ladies and gents. kthxbye.



  1. The thing about fashion there are two types of women. The girls that dress in expensive clothing and are impeccably styled, then there are the rest of us who style according to our budget our likes and taste most of it is stripped down to a minimum but its still your own style. ;) so who cares if we all don't have jcrew, or if your hair looks like it hasn't been brushed in a year it's you :) that's all that matters.

  2. I am also blogged-out. I'm trying to figure it out because I want to keep blogging, but it's been harder lately for some odd reason. And this is just to say I understand.

  3. girl, i love your blog so much! don't let the blogosphere get you down. it's too easy to feel subpar to all the amazing bloggers out there (most of whom get gifted expensive items) so try not to compare! i fell into this same spell a little while ago. happens to the best of us! you're an amazing blogger. please don't ever stop :) xoxo


  4. :) Thanks for your honesty. Your voice is what makes half of this blog unique (the other half is jane). You being you, eating burritos, wearing black, sometime sick of work, that is what makes it uniquely you. I don't think anyone would read this if they were hoping for something else...if they did then they would read something else. The blogworld is HUGE it can be easy to feel like a small drop in the ocean, but you, you are the only harley drop. PS I like reading your random thoughts AND your style posts. Take care, and happy FRIDAY!

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  6. Hi, I'm kind of new to your blog; I don't even know how I landed in it, but I totally agree with you. I love blogging, and I like clothes (see the difference there?), so a few years ago I decided to start a fashion blog. Needless to say, after a few months I gave it up because I felt like I wasn't being me, even though I was starting to have a nice number of followers and stuff. So I closed it. Last month, in the cusp of my summer boredom (I'm a teacher, I don't have much to do all summer), I decided to open another blog. But this time I decided to be myself, to post about whatever I wanted, and not push myself to be someone I wasn't. I'm not the "honey, take a picture of me" kind of girl; I'm not this super cute, super skinny "everything looks good on me" kind of girl; I'm not THAT into fashion, I just like my clothes and playing around with it. So that's what my blog is about: what I like. And I struggle to continue being me in the blogosphere, but I'm less frustrated than I was with my old fashion blog. So, a little word of advice: BE YOURSELF! Enjoy blogging! Don't feel forced to do things for followers, for what people respond well to, or what complete strangers are doing in their blogs! If people genuinely like what you have to say, they'll stick around. :)

    Keep your chin up girly! You're not alone!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  7. sometimes, a break from blogger is a VERY GOOD THING. :)

    and you go, girlfriend. you have fun and enjoy your day in your jammies eating those burritos. <3


  8. Love this post!!!!! :) I must admit, rambling posts are my favourite! You're a gem!

  9. Harley, I really appreciate your honesty with us! I have been looking at my blog lately and just kind of hating it. It causes me so much stress and anxiety and I can't delete it but I don't know how to get to a place where I DON'T care so much about what people think. I hope you are feeling better about things and blogging. Do what you want, lady. Breaks may be the best option.