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Monday, August 5, 2013

I consider myself a religious exerciser, but it wasn't until I saw these progress photos from my very good friend that I was truly inspired (go ahead--scroll down to take a quick look!). Crystal has had THREE kids if you can believe it, but she is the fittest person I know. Every few months I quiz her about her current fitness routine and I'm motivated all over again. Since she has had such a great influence on me and my workout regimen, I asked her to share what keeps her motivated to be healthy. And as a bonus, she sent her pump it up playlist as well! Hopefully you can take some inspiration from her dedication and success like I do.

1. My husband, Adam. He is a very active guy which made me want to be active as well. He pushes me every time I work out, especially when he watches me. Who would want to stop in the middle of a workout when your husband is watching? I don't! I want to show him and myself how strong I am. 

2. Picture goal. When I started working out I pictured myself the way I wanted to look in the end. I still haven't reached my end goal of how I want to look (I want more muscle definition), but every time I work out I still have that picture. I'm getting there!

3. Workout clothes. Having cute and comfy workout clothes gives me that boost of being more excited to work out!

4. I am a mom of three kids. If you have kids or have been around kids, you know they suck all your energy out of you. That is what it seems like, anyway. But believe it or not, working out boosts your energy level. So I work out.

5. Don't make up excuses. I promised myself that I wouldn't make up any excuses for not working out. When you start making excuses it makes it easier to keep finding excuses. So from the start I just didn't have an excuse not to work out, I just made it a part of my daily routine.

After (1 year later):
My Workouts:
  • Running
  • Lifting weights
  • Insanity (completed)
  • Asylum Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (completed)
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Also, bodybuilding.com has amazing workout programs you can do. You can type in your body type and the goals you want to accomplish, and they give you a workout routine. They also have meal plans, all for free!
My Progress (1 year):
  • Wall sit
    Then: 1 minute // Now: 6 minutes
  • Plank
    Then: 1.5 minutes // Now 7.5 minutes
  • Push-ups in a row
    Then: 20 // Now: 60
  • Pull-ups
    Then: 0 // Now: 6
I started off with very little muscle. In one year I lost 21 lbs, and now I have a lot of muscle and a stronger core. I feel like I can push myself to do any workout now, versus when I started I was lucky if I could run around the block without stopping.

My playlist:
Radioactive // Imagine Dragons
Here's to Never Growing Up (Radio Edit) // Avril Lavigne
Safe and Sound // Capital Cities
I Need Your Love // Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding
Clarity // Zedd, Foxes
Heart Attack // Demi Lovato
E.T. // Katy Perry
Part of Me // Katy Perry
Call Your Girlfriend // Robyn
Party Rock Anthem // LMFAO
Blow // Ke$ha
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie // Red Hot Chili Peppers
In My Head // Jason Derulo
Whatcha Say // Jason Derulo
Can't Hold Us // Macklemore

Start today! Work hard and don't make excuses. If you want to do it, you can do it.

Crystal and Jane


  1. This. Is. Amazing. And just what I needed! I just made it through a month of three times a week workouts and was feeling a little plateau and unmotivated because of little results (I know, I know, it wasn't very long!). But this has motivated me to keep pushing and shoot for a year! (And to take before pictures!)

  2. Holy crap! She's look so good!! I definitely get my butt off the couch and do this!!

  3. WOWZA! You look fantastic! I wish I had that determination. I try. And I quit. And then I try again. And then I quit again. It's the story of my life. But you are doing a great job!!


    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  4. what a rockstar. she's one hot mama

  5. oh my goodness, freak. she's motivating.


  6. That's just awesome!! I always want to do some exercises for my little belly more regularly... but I fail^^
    her playlist is perfect!^^

  7. AWESOME! You look great :). Definitely motivating! Do you recommend Insanity? Thinking of doing that or 30 day Shred

  8. You look amazing! As a new mom this is very motivational and I can't wait until I am cleared to workout again!

  9. wow this is impressive and motivative! Thanks!!