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Monday, June 10, 2013

<< my lovely friend taylor >>
<< me: "can i wear a hat to this place or is that too hipster?" mo: "not for lula cafe it isn't" >>

Before I start raving about this place I wanted to take a moment at talk about Mo-- the lovely photographer that accompanies me to all of these fabulous places. First of all, she is insanely talented and you can see more of her work here (I love this chicago wedding she just shot). But secondly Momoko is really unique in the fact that she shoots all of her stuff on... wait for it... FILM. Can you believe that? Just looking at her photos I can tell that is makes such a huge difference. Can you see how vibrant all of the colors are? How the film captures the different textures and colors of the white ceilings and walls? I am seriously in love with these pictures. If you need a wedding photographer or family photographer in the Chicago area Mo is your gal. Also! She is traveling to Utah June 27th-July 1st so if you would like your pics taken contact her here! She is taking Michal and I's 2 year anniversary pictures and I am getting so excited. 


When did brunch become the happening meal? Maybe because breakfast food is the best food and when I can eat it with a diet coke its even better. Mo, Taylor and I hit up Lula cafe 11am on a Saturday morning. We had to wait about 25 mins for a table, but it gave us plenty of time to take pictures. Lula Cafe is located in Logan Square, an up and coming hip place in Chicago. All of their food is sustainably sourced and there menu is ever changing. Mo swears they have the best breakfast burrito ever created, which is probably true because they have been featured in like a million magazines. The wait staff is super knowledgable and helpful about navigating their unique menu so don't be afraid to ask questions! Lula Cafe is located right off of the Logan Square blue line stop-- so only a few minutes away from the loop. Definitely a must see if you are coming to the city. 



  1. Lovely pictures. Looks like a wonderful place!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I might need to book a flight to Chicago just to eat that breakfast burrito. I'm what you could call a "breakfast burrito connoisseur".