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Monday, May 20, 2013

College wasn't what I expected, but there are many experiences I look back on with fondness. 

Hours spent baking granola, bread and cookies with my sweet grandma. | Strengthening the friendship with my sister from far away. | Studying abroad in Vienna with Harley and having our minds blown by beauty every day. | Finally settling on a major. | Deciding last minute to do a business minor so someday I can open a bakery. | Dating. A lot. And learning what I want, what I don't want. | Writing for a few different publications and realizing the fast-paced media world may not be the best thing for my health. | Becoming a workout junky. | Developing a sense of humor with fun and crazy roommates. | Learning how to organize time during the last few weeks of school. | Becoming best friends with my 9 year old cousin.

It honestly goes on and on, which I am grateful for. Recently I was flipping through past journals, and I realized just how lonely I was and how difficult the days occasionally seemed. Instead of dwelling on those rough patches, though, I managed to look forward and store away the positive memories--giving me a reason to continue in optimism while waving goodbye to a valued chapter with a smile.

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