journal prompt | what in nature do you like best?

Friday, May 17, 2013

i love the way i feel when i have the discipline to truly be in the moment--seeing, feeling, listening. entire seasons sometimes go by without much more than an upward glance from me. i hate that it's sometimes easier to appreciate a photograph of autumn trees than it is to step outside and take it all in. but i suppose that is also a blessing. where would be the intrigue, the excitement, if we could take it all in in a matter of short moments? so i guess that might be one of my favorite things about nature, that it is so complex to absorb even a part. there will always be something more to appreciate if i take the time to look or breathe it in. it's ever-changing and incredible.

for me it's the trees. to me they are magical in transformative power that they have. when we moved to chicago last fall all of the leave had already fallen. the spidery branches reached towards the sky, leaf-less. but now that spring is here those lovely tall trees are full of life. they stretch over the roads providing canopies protecting us from the sun. the white blossoms fall off the trees and float down like snow. how different they are now than they were a few weeks ago. 


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  2. You both write beautifully and I loved your responses. I think it's true, we don't appreciate nature as much as we should. I need to take more time to really take it in this Summer, and the trees are always beautiful here!
    Really loving your blog! Thanks for stopping by :)