an adventure date and some clarity

Saturday, April 27, 2013

an adventure date is what this night was deemed. the sun was shining and we did not need our coats. we left our apartment in high spirits. we played the "i like that" game. it goes something like this-

"i like that gate over there- it reminds me of a beach cabin"
"i like the way that porch is painted"
"i like those windows"
"i like this house- it looks like a gingerbread house"
"i like that wall- it's my new favorite chicago wall"

and so on and so forth. there is also a lot of finger pointing involved. we feel a bit like children, but it makes the world seem so shiny and big. focusing on everything that we like instead of mentioning the things we don't as so many adults tend to do. 

we ended up at my favorite thrift store on roscoe street- or should i say the only thrift store i have been to in chicago. it is about six blocks away from our humble little apartment in the big city. of course michael spent the whole time looking at books. i swear that boy reads more than any person i know. i can never keep up with him. he is alway blasting through at least 4 books at the same time. i'm currently reading the snow child and loving it. i am a one book at a time type of girl-- and i am notorious for quitting books in the middle. if i don't like it i don't read it. 

while at the thrift shop i found a cute little striped top for 3 dollars (pictured above). i can see myself wearing it to lollapalooza this summer. michael let me buy it despite the spending freeze we are supposed to be on, but i guess a three dollar date isn't too bad. after the thrift store we walked home holding hands- like lovers -where we promptly sat on the couch, watched three episodes of parks & rec, ate indian food, and surfed the net. 

the funk i have been stuck in for too long is gone i think. it must have passed in the night while i wasn't dwelling on it. i feel calm and reassured and determined for the first time in a long time. i feel lucky that i have someone to talk about my dreams with. sometimes marriage is hard work, but that kind of hard work always reaps the best rewards. 

as we sat on our couch i said, "if you could do anything, anything at all, tomorrow, what would it be?" her said, "what would you do?" i said, "make music." he said, "why don't you?"

it is all about priorities in life. there are a million good things and if you spend your time doing a million good things you will not be happy. pick the best things. pick the best things and focus. 

learning that is like a burst of light in this little life of mine. the clarity and calm after the storm. so i think i will make that music darling. 

i think i will. 


  1. beautiful post, i love the focus on a need to prioritise, that struck a chord and made me think how i run around trying to do it all and end up doing nothing! my light bulb moment in your post! xxxxxx enjoy your music making x

  2. great post. you inspire me all the time! go make that music girl!

  3. I'm gonna be interning in Chicago this summer and I'm so excited to check out some of the places that you've mentioned!! I'm excited to do so much thrifting!!


  4. I just stumbled across your blog and love it!! I'm a Chicago blogger too-- isn't it the best city [in the summer]. I love your 'I like it' game, I might have to steal that next time I have a date night! :) Glad to see you are out of the funk, I have been in a little of a funk too, however I blame it on the weather. Bring on the sunshine and warm weather, that will make me much happier!

    Have a great day!

  5. oh i love lollapalooza! who's going to be your favorite to see this year?

  6. i live in chicago, too!! what neighborhood is your favorite thrift store at? there's an AMAZING one called Ragstock in both Boystown and Wicker Park :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. That green bike is such a dream. I'd love to have one like it someday, if I ever live in a city where rad bikes don't get stolen the day you buy them.