Thursday, March 14, 2013

three summers ago i went backpacking through italy (with jane). we hopped from rome, to florence, to pizza, to vernazza, to venice. this week i pulled out all of my pictures with the intention of scrapbooking them. while that has not happened i have loved getting lost in the images.

i remember standing on the beach in vernazza recognizing what happiness really was. we had no cell phones, no facebook, no internet. just italy and each other. and some hunky italian men. 

it was a truly magnificent and magical time. if i could give any advice to anyone, it would be to travel. go with your friends. take out a loan if you have to! that is what i did and i have never regretted it. not for one second. 


*group shot photo cred goes to jenny pate.


  1. ahh! this makes me want to jump in a plane and GO! i agree about traveling, best investment you can ever make. period.

  2. Beautiful photos. Oh boy ,I miss travel with friends :)

  3. I have to travel more and Italy is where I want to go first!!

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  4. Today especially, these photos are killing me with jealousy! I wish I hadn't focused on my money shortage so much when I was in college and just did something like this.

  5. I went to BYU Hawaii with Ambree. What a small Mormon world ;)

  6. Didn't even go on that side trip and I'm dyinggggg. I can't believe Vienna was three years ago. Sigh.

  7. Lovely pictures!
    I have been to Venice too,it`s so beautiful!