happiness project: march

Monday, March 11, 2013

I revamped these mounted antlers (found secondhand), and I love the way it turned out. Jess isn't as excited because he's worried about having to tell everyone he's not the one who shot it. Oh well, I say. It's going to look fabulous in our front room.

Remember the Happiness Project? My February goals didn't go as well as I hoped, and I felt like it was because of a lack of regular routine. I thrive on routines but they haven't been very consistent lately, so I wanted to focus on rejuvenating those routines during March. Here are my goals:

Write in my journal every day.
Read scriptures every day.
Do something special on Sunday to set it apart.
Don't do homework on Sunday.
Work harder to make prayers more heartfelt.
Pray every morning.

So far it's been going really well. Have you set any new goals lately? If you haven't, just set one for the week and tell us what you're doing!



  1. girlfriend that's not a four-point deer, that's an eight point! be proud! (even if it is second hand!) also, the white fur makes me think of a jackalope, which makes me smile. Too fun.

  2. I'm also working on reading my scriptures every day. It's not going as well as I would like, but I'll renew the effort this week!

  3. I pretty much love this! I'm a huge fan of telling people that it came from a jackalope! Sarah @ Tobemrscollier.blogspot.com

  4. I haven't set any goals recently. I feel like I'm kind of in a holding pattern while I work to figure out jobs and life. But I probably shouldn't put everything off until "later." I hope this month goes better for you!