we made a video.

Monday, March 18, 2013

so these tag things have been going round the internet-z. we were tagged by thrifted things and rebecca with an r so we did a couple questions from each.

we tag rachel, kara, ana, brissa and kaylyn.


  1. Seriously could you 2 be any more cuter? This was so fun to watch, it just gave me the warm fuzzies. Thanks for tagging me, even though i am secretly dying a little inside because making a video of yourself talking is scary stuff, especially when you have NEVER posted one on your blog before.

  2. This was so adorable! Loved hearing you too! And also funny because I started the tag and somehow the questions already changed! Haha! You should definitely do little vlogs more often though :)

  3. You are just so cute!
    Loved your video!


  4. Holy cow! You two are so cute!

    Also, Jane, could your hair be more gorgeous? I don't think so.

    So, a video? I'll have to get on this!

  5. okay Jane, let's talk about your hair. make me a wig of it. end if discussion. you guys are cute. are all the questions the same? I'm too awkward to make a video...!!!

  6. You guys are the cayoooootest!! <3