when your day sucks

Monday, February 11, 2013

having a real job is more challenging than i ever thought it would be. this lovely shiny career that i have chosen, while completely enthralling, is exhausting. 

sometimes exhausting in an i learned and accomplished so much today and my job is awesome way. 
and sometimes exhausting in an all i want to do is watch project runway in my pajamas way.

there are moments when the fact that i am straight out of college just slap me right across the face. i have to face the fact that i literally have no idea what i am doing and scramble to pick up the pieces as fast as possible. 

today was one of those days. 
and i broke down. 

i literally tweeted, "cried at work today. i'm such a stereotype."

one of my co-workers saw me and asked what was wrong and it just made things worse. i said, "i'll be right back," squeezed my chin tight against my chest and speed walked all the way to the bathroom. 
locked in a stall i took a million deep breaths and cried. ugly cried as quietly as i could. i offered a prayer and just said, "please help me get it together." i regained composure and dried my eyes. they were a little red, but no one else noticed.
i went back to my desk grabbed my wallet and left the building. i ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup at jason's deli, called my husband, and people watched. i also wrote myself a list of what to do when your day sucks. 

today was hard, but tomorrow is going to be better. and no one better yell at me. 



  1. this.
    is my life.
    seriously feel ya on this girlie. your skin will grow thicker with time. trust me. keep your head up!! :)


  2. I'm sorry your day was rough! Days like that always sneak up on us and attack us don't they?! I hope you enjoyed all the things on your list - I know most of them make me super happy, too!

    I hope tomorrow is much better!

    xo, Jordan

  3. Sorry you had a horrible day... and don't feel bad about crying. I had to walk away from my desk all the time at my old job.

  4. I'm sorry your day was poop :( Sometimes a good cry and delicious food can fix a lot. I hope tomorrow goes better for you Harley :)

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    xoxo - kylie


  6. So sorry! This was well written and honest, and I really like your suggestions. I think we all go through days\times like these, so you are not alone. -Jessica L

  7. Crying at work! Been there a time or two (or three?) At my latest job it was because I was repeatedly yelled at on the phone by angry clients. And oh, did it suck. I hope tomorrow is better!

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    Angela x


  9. Oh man, I have so had days like these. Breakdowns became predictable for me at one job I used to have. We had really up and down business, slow for days and than a week of getting slammed. I could also expect a breakdown by the end of my second 14 hour day in a row. Too little sleep and too much work makes me crazy.

  10. I always buy things when I'm felling down xx


  11. I have days like that all the time...I try to everyday go out during my lunch hour to just reboot. Whether I'm going out to buy lunch or just taking a walk around the buildings I take a breather!!

    Feel better! I hope today is better for you!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

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  13. Hi Ladies! I just found your blog through the GFC Blog Hop and my first thought is that I love your design! I'm a graphic designer so I tend to [always] judge websites/blogs/just about anything by its design. As for when my days suck - chocolate is always my go to and then shopping or window shopping at the very least.

    Shannon (lifeofpoole.blogspot.com)

  14. Oh yeah,I totally feel you!I had days like that too and still have!You just want to go home,lay in your bed and cry!But believe me,it gets better!