what jane wore: purple coat

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A few weeks ago I realized my average bedtime is consistently 2am, which is obviously bad since I'm not a night owl. (With the Sleep Time app I use, it's easy to see any trends in my sleep habits.) 

So I set an alarm on my phone that goes off every night at 10 and says, "It's time to wind down, love! Turn off the TV, shut your computer, and go get a book."I got excited thinking this was a breakthrough idea, yet I haven't obeyed that alarm one time. Not once.

Here's to starting over. I'll try again tonight (I'll really try). My day always runs more smoothly when I get enough sleep, wake up earlier, exercise in the morning, and then have the rest of the day to work and be productive. Even if I'm not productive after that, I still feel good because I got up and got going. Can you relate? 



  1. LOVE the boots! I'm a sucker for a back zipper. And I can totally relate, when I lived alone I was always up way too late and sluggish the next day. But since my husband has to wake up at the crack of dawn, it's caused me to go to bed a little sooner too. win win

  2. I love those boots! Also love the grey jumper :) im a night owl too! x


  3. I LOVE the purple coat! Seriously, am in love. I think the alarm idea is EPIC and really should start implementing it into my nightly routine. Let me know how take two goes!

  4. I love the purple/peach combination. I'm terrible at falling asleep when I'm supposed to as well.

  5. I love your coat, the color is so pretty!

    xx TraN

  6. Fun, fun outfit! LOVE those boots, are they Maddens? I think I recognize that zipper.

  7. I love the pretty purple coat, such a good winter color! Thanks for sharing your no sugar on my blog too, I really like getting other people's opinions about what they have tried and what has worked well for them :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah