journal prompt // 10 things you want to accomplish in 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

I have already mentioned a bunch of my goals here, but they are very specific. For these ten things I don't really want more goals to accomplish. I want these to be things I look forward too or things that will make me happier. 
1. Travel to Denmark to visit Michael's family.
2. Crochet a scarf for myself.
3. Consider becoming part of the mile a day club. 
4. Create my own Happiness Project. 
5. Make new friends. 
6. Become outdoorsy--go on a hike.  
7. Take a guitar class. Let myself make music. Open mic night? (previously mentioned here)
8. Focus my efforts at work and make myself irreplaceable. 
9. Become more disciplined.
10. Serve. Serve. Serve. 

Like Harley, many of my goals are posted here, but there are always so many more things to do. Here are a few more I'd like to accomplish.
1. Do a Happiness Project.
2. Read in the evening.
3. Take a Photoshop class.
4. Listen more, talk less.
5. Follow in the breadmaking footsteps of my parents.
6. Respect my self-imposed curfew.
7. Learn how to recognize and serve the love languages of others.
8. Be a better friend.
9. Do more of my shopping at secondhand stores.
10. Say yes more often.


  1. Best wishes on all your goals ladies!! =) I'm definitely starting a Happiness Project oh um tomorrow!! =)

    Happy New Year!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. All of these goals, for both of you. Perfect! I am reading through them thinking I want to do this, and this, and this... Making goals tonight! Can't wait!

    Love, The Skinnys

  3. I loved this! I think you both have great goals! Hope 2013 is full of victories for you two :)

  4. These are such beautiful resolutions, from both of you!

    Harley, I especially love #6 from you. I never considered myself to be particularly outdoorsy, but as it turns out, I love nature. Hiking is a tradition in our family, and living in Colorado, it's pretty impossible not to want to constantly be outside. I'm just a more feminine outdoorsy, I guess! ;)

    Jane, #7 is wonderful to me. My hubby and I are constantly giving ourselves "refresher courses" on our love languages, but it's so important to recognize them in our friends and other family members, as well -- thank you for the reminder!

    Happy New Year, ladies!

  5. I'd love to go to Denmark. Love both your lists :)

  6. Love your resolutions!!!Very sweet :)
    I made some myself,you can read about here:


  7. Those are awesome lists. I love the idea of a short list of things you want to do during the year, it's much less overwhelming than a total change like it is with new years resolutions. I just try to make goals for myself, weekly or monthly or just daily, throughout the year. And I love that y'all do that too.

    I've been wanting to make a scarf forever too. So this Christmas break I asked my mom to teach me to crochet. I'm happy to say, that I am almost done with it!! :)

    Good luck on y'alls goals. Thanks for always being so inspiring. It makes it a joy to read y'all's blog!!

  8. Thank you Jane for your sweet comment!
    Yes 10 photos are a lot also for me,he he he...But I`m not talking about 10 perfect,well shot photos!I meant just random,simple photos to get more practice :D
    About my one book a month project,first of all I just commanded "Cinderella ate my daughter",so I`m gonna read this one for sure...Buy beside this one,I maybe read another book from Sophie Kinsella or Marian Keyes.I let you know,when I decided :)