what harley wore: fur vest edition

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

shoes: Lucky Brand // jeans: LOFT // shirt: AE // vest: Marshalls // ring: BR // purse: anne b
This is a fur vest. I was thinking about taking it back because in my mind it makes me look like a bear, but after seeing these pictures I kind of love it. 
I may still look like a bear, but a very cute lovable bear. 
Shout out to anne b for making the most adorable bags. 
Stay tuned and next week you could win one of your very own! 


  1. Definitely keep it! Love the whole look.

  2. Photo Credit - Michael Perkins. Photographer extraordinaire.

  3. I want this whole outfit! Gimme gimme.

  4. love it! thanks krystle!! you rock!

  5. These really are incredible. You look so awesome in that color...and all this time you've thought red wasn't your color! Proven false.

  6. Love this entire outfit, the fur vest is so cute! I also love your Revlon color, I got the same one to try but I think it looked too flourescent against my skin tone :(


  7. I think you are adorable in that vest! A bear? That made me laugh. I think you're fine just as long as you do not {under any circumstance} wear tall, furry boots at the same time. I've seen this pairing on a very tall women and she resembled a Sasquatch. But those shoe you're wearing... LOVE!!!

  8. You rock that bear vest!! :) Hahah my roommate wanted to get a fur vest this weekend and her mom was like "are you sure..?" I'm digging it!

    Also I'm LOVING your shoes. I'm dying for some wedges like that. :)
    Looking Up!

  9. Um, you're adorable.
    And I'm totally loving the navajo-ish tribaly clutch. :)



  10. Heck yeah I want to win a bag! I love the fur vest and would definitely call it a lovable bear look :) A super cute look that I will gaurunteed be stealing today

  11. I love your vest and that bag! You two beautiful ladies have a great blog! I will be back soon.
    Almost Endearing

  12. I love your vest and clutch, so perfect for the winter season. The colors are perfect.