the happiness project

Friday, November 16, 2012

I don't think I could do a book review justice on this one. All I know is it made me think a lot. Every morning I walk three blocks to the bus, take the bus to the train, and then take the train to downtown. It gives me a lot of down town. I noticed I wasn't using it productively and picked up this book. 

I loved it.

I think that there is a lot to be said about happiness. The way people define it is entirely specific to who they are and what they believe. After ever chapter I found myself pinpointing different things that I can do to make myself happier. I also discovered ways I can make other people happier. I am thinking about taking the challenge and devoting the new year to my own little happiness project. It's not that I am unhappy, nor was the author, I just know that there are things that I could be doing to improve my joy.

Things I learned while reading:
1. Folded laundry makes me happier. When it is a mess I can't find anything I need in the morning and end up being late for work which in turn makes me grumpy
2. My husband does more sweet things for me if I stop nagging him about the dumb things
3. I need to cut people slack
4. When I am tired at work walking up a few flights of stairs does wonders for my mood 
5. Spending 30 mins making music brightens my mood like whoa.
6. To Do Lists are my best friend
7. I need to let more things go
8. It takes effort and persistance to keep a friendship going, but it is 100% worth it 
9. Setting goals is easier it you write them down daily
10. Don't reward yourself with food 

Have you read this book? What did you learn?


  1. I love this book. I agree with you, it made me think a lot about my life and how I can be happier :)

  2. I am starting it this weekend! Thanks for the fabulous reccommendation :)

  3. Is this the one that suggests you write a gratitude list every night? Gratitude is always a good idea.

  4. I seriously just started reading this too and feel the exact same way as you! Fantastic book (well as far as I am into it). In fact I have already started recommending it to friends and family. It makes me want to make my life happier even though I am not unhappy. And I feel like the author really strikes on some fabulous simple truths. I think I need to write my life truths.

  5. It's probably a telling sign that my first reaction to this was "I don't have time to read." haha. So. I gotta get a grip on the stress around here.