stressed but happy

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my house is a mess. literally my entire living room is stacked with boxes. papers are scattered. my front porch is covered in misc. items that have to make it to the DI before it closes on saturday. 

michael and i find ourselves getting sidetracked. the thought of packing our entire life away into one little pod reduces us to a state of denial where we crawl into bed and watch movies on our lap tops. we would watch them on our tv, but we sold it. 

i am freaking out a little bit. freaking out in a good way. i think. 

i am thrilled by this new adventure, but i think i would be more thrilled if we had an apartment. that is number one on the agenda once we arrive in the windy city. does anyone have advice for finding an apartment in Chicago?

we are road tripping out there and then staying with friends. you KNOW we will be visiting mount rushmore on the way.

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