journal prompt // list of 10 unexpected things

Monday, October 15, 2012

four tubes of glowsticks
polaroid camera
a picnic basket with place settings for four
christmas presents for my family
polaroids of my sister and me
greeting cards 
two atlases, a large and small
two pairs of wedges
a plugin air freshener
an article about secrets of motivated people

yarn and crocheting needles
bundles of all receipts from my sophomore year of college
fossil boots that need to be returned
a secret puzzle box containing my wedding ring
a mini picnic basket
an award that says "awesome"
a christmas advent calendar with little christmas elves holding the ends
a lint roller 
about 15 space bags 
a doodles and daydreams notebook from 7th grade. all of the doodles are about a boy named jason.
pistachios in a ziploc bag 
a green fine tipped sharpie
christmas tree

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