22 before 23

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This 22 Before 23 list has been brewing in my head for the last few months, and I finally took the time to write everything down. Here's what I want to accomplish this year:
1. Make an Instagram journal
2. See D.C. at Christmas
3. Read 15 books
4. Do 100 pushups in a row
5. Run a 5K
6. Read Pride and Prejudice
7. Buy Hunter boots
8. Take pictures of my mom
9. Remember everyone's birthdays
10. Play the piano in church
11. Read a biography/personal memoir
12. Graduate!
13. Stick to my budget
14. Kiss someone
15. Have a picnic
16. Surprise someone
17. Get certified to teach aerobics
18. Leave a note for a stranger
19. Learn how to play volleyball and soccer from Cady and Porter
20. Be a better blogger
21. Lose 2% body fat
22. Run a half marathon


  1. You are amazingggggggg. I need a 23 before 24 list. Ahhhhhh!

  2. Katharine hepburn's biography is dynamite. I highly recommend it. Nice list!

  3. This is great. I hope to read that you have done them all next year!

    I turn 23 on Thursday and I might borrow this idea!

  4. Nice list, Kayla. I like your ideas.

  5. everyone's going on and ON about this list. and it's amazing, it really is, but i just cannot get over your handwriting. teach me to write like you. PLEASE.

    1. It's a funny story actually. A boy made fun of my handwriting in 8th grade, so for years after that I practiced and practiced, incorporating bits and pieces of others' penmanship that I liked. It's still evolving, but it really just took time!

      Besides, you have fabulous handwriting. I don't even know what you're talking about!