11 things i love about my new neighborhood

Thursday, October 11, 2012

1. the tree lined streets
2. close proximity to target and costco
3. walking distance to a huge thrift store
4. nice upstairs neighbors that don't walk too loud
5. there always seems to be a parking space on the street
6. the well lit ally way behind my house
7. our postman
8. the park. it is always full of life 
9. the man with the two huge great danes 
10. the new corner store a block away
11. tony's burritos 

what do you love about your neighborhood? or what do you hate?



  1. Oh goodness! Where do you live?! I may need to move there!

  2. oh my God, that was a good place to live ! should ask my bf to move, lol
    both of you are gorgeous ! <3
    anyway, I followed your blog, mind to follow me back? <3
    and would you mind to do swap button with me?

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  3. lovely! i love the old colourful houses in my neighbourhood, the many cats that wander the streets in need of a pat, the view of all the trees outside our window. it's beautiful here. but the park on the corner? homeless people chill there. not my fave part of my neighbourhood.