Journal Prompt // Advice From Your Parents

Monday, September 17, 2012

Harley & Jane

I remember two things they told me time after time. The first: Tuck in your pockets. The second: Keep it simple.

After years of hearing the first, I now can say my pockets are always tucked in. The second, however, is constantly in the back of my mind. It whispers in times of insecurity and doubt, a comforting reminder, a reminder that I can get through anything as long as I take it slow and as simple as possible.

My parents told me to keep things simple in different ways--relationships, talking to people, in trying to achieve daily balance. Many nights they sat with me on the couch for hours talking me through hangups and worries and what was holding me back, but the conversation generally came down to one thing. Keep it simple.

What should I say if I have to leave a message? Keep it simple.

How do I tell him we should break up? Keep it simple.

How am I going to fit everything in this week? Keep it simple.

I overanalyze. (Is that because I'm human, or is it a girl thing?) I overthink and sometimes create so many more problems than there were in the first place. But as long as I listen to that quiet voice saying, keep things simple, keep things simple, I usually manage to sort things out. Which is a really good thing since my parents' couch is a few thousand miles away.

The one thing my dad always said to me was, "be nice to everyone."
Well that and don't date until you are 25.

every year he would sit me down before school started and tell me the same thing. i used to roll my eyes and say, "ok dad. i will."

now i realize that being nice to everyone is a pretty incredible lesson.


  1. i love that advice. keep it simple.

  2. Harley: i love the advice about being nice to everyone. this is exactly how i want to raise my childrens. Jane: i needed to hear this today. keep things simple. also my pockets keep coming untucked.