Featured Blogger: Elora!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We are asking all of our blogger friends why they started blogging and what inspires them. Here is another in the series! To see the rest click here.


Have you heard the one where the girl gets stuck in a mailbox while at work? Ok, it’s not a real joke but it did happen to me, and awkward things like that always do. I started blogging because a couple of friends encouraged me to share my awkward and spastic moments with the world. Then, I got married and a “newlywed” blog seemed like a great idea. However- I discovered that my “newlywed” blog was different then all the other ones out there. How come all of these new brides are so domestic? How come they all can bake a pie, sew a dress and everything else crafty? I couldn’t bake muffins, gagged every time I cooked chicken and even messed up an EASY pasta dish. Plus they all were so, so normal and cool. I started to feel down, “Why am I blogging? I have nothing to offer.” Then I realized there are probably a lot of girls out there who feel that way! A Storybook is made up of true stories of domestic fails, laughs and life’s moments with a quirky girly girl and her (semi) normal husband; and I hope the girls who have a hard time being domestic and are a little spazy, can feel better and those who are perfectly domestic can feel free to lend a hand! Once a weekish, I publish style posts. However, I don’t focus ON the outfits as much as the moments that happen IN them. 

Now, when it comes to what inspires me- its’ love and the arts. No matter how cheesy it sounds, when I see pictures of or involving love, or if I see people showing it- my heart feels warm and everything seems ok. What’s greater than love!? (I know, I know, extra cheese please.) And when it comes to the arts... it truly is one of the most amazing things on this planet. A beautiful dance can bring me to tears and make me want to be better. When I see a beautiful painting, hear a wonderful song, take in a play/musical, or enjoy a charming movie...I can want to change and have a better view of life and the world. I wish my home had a more artistic feeling to it. I’m hoping to bring in more music, photography, paintings and design into my life- because everyone just needs a little art to make things lovelier and life better. 

(To you domestic, creative types... if you wanna teach me how to draw, paint, sew, craft, play a instrument, snap photos, etc- I can totally trade for dance lessons! Deal? Yeah?)

Thanks Elora!
You can visit her at tandestorybookblog.blogspot.com


  1. oh elora, my dear former roommate. she can rock a spin class, i'll tell you that! :)

  2. just discovered you blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! : )