journal prompt 6// i come from...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Harley & Jane

I come from gold fields and sagebrush -- the country lands I never thought I'd love so much. I am from the apple orchards and cinnamon and rhubarb pie. I come from a childhood of shoveling and hard work. I am from frugality and hand-me-downs. I come from freckles, sprinklers, kayaking, rock skipping, starry nights. I come from the gold, pink, and blue neon lights of the county fair. I come from gingham and Huckleberry Finn. I come from a long line of writers and musicians, artists and scholars. I come from cool nights and oatmeal with honey. I come from bedtime stories and wishes of foreign sands and moons. I come from a place where romance blossoms in summer and where memories of first loves always remain. I come from practical jokes and running barefoot in the snow. I come from Titanic and Annie make believe. I come from a tomboy phase and an only-wear-dresses phase. I come from dressing myself and doing things first. I come from caution and fear. I come from scary dreams and wood stoves and the smell of baking bread. I come from Halloween poems, journals, John Denver, a crate of records, smeared mascara, ugly beige lockers. I come from lined paper, Pilot pens, broken crayons. I come from cookbooks and rocky ground, big gardens and sunburns. I come from never napping to napping every Sunday. I come from bad handwriting and heartfelt prayers.

I come from the west. The tall green fir trees. I come from afternoons spent running through the overgrown forest with my brother. Picking fresh blackberries off of prickly weeds.  I come from the fair. I come from missing school. I come from the scent of coffee as you walk down the street. I come from a father with a work ethic to rival champions. I come from a mother with pure love for children. I come from frugality. I come from moments hard to describe. A deaf brother that has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. I come from a broken heart healed by the one person who was sent to fix it.



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    1. THank you silpil. I know you probably feel the same way about most of what I wrote.

  2. Kayla, that is really nice. I love it.