Vienna vs. Chicago

Friday, July 6, 2012


I try to tell myself that Chicago is like another Vienna.
But it isn't.
In Vienna things were different.
There was nothing at home to miss.

I found myself thrilled by the loneliness. Thrilled by the independence that a different country gave me. No cell phone. No internet.
The cobble stone streets and endless adventures calling to me.

I met a girl who would grow to be my best friend.
Some one who was always by my side.
Our time on public transportation was spent talking about the future and the things that we loved.
Asking me questions about life and infusing me with energy I had long since forgotten.

I felt alive. I remember crying on the beach in Italy because I felt so full.
I have a page in my journal that reads, "So this is what bliss fills like."

I had no job. I had a best friend. And then was no one to miss.

Chicago is harder. I have an amazing opportunity to intern with one of the world's largest advertising agencies, but with that comes huge responsibility. The potential job offer at the end of the summer is always something hanging over my head.

The husband that I left behind to chase my childhood dream.
The husband that holds me when my world seems to hard to handle.
The best friend who always helps me keep perspective.
Who loves with everything she has.

Experiencing the city is amazing, but I can't help but think how much better it would be if I had either of them with me.
It is sharing the little things.
The looks. The people. The food. The traveling. The weather.
The moments that are too hard to share over the phone.

What an amazing world we live in, but facetime can never replace the real thing for me.


  1. This is lovely, and beautifully honest.

  2. distance sucks. but this is beautiful.

  3. :'( I miss youuuuuuuu.

    And I wish we could be in Vienna again. Our magical, incredible Vienna which is now only a memory.

    Keep your chin up, you only have a month left.

  4. No dream job is ever more important than family. especially a husband and kids. ever.

  5. No judgmental comment is ever cool. especially without all of the facts. ever.