That Time I Saw James Vincent Mcmorrow

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Press play on this song and then scroll through the pictures.
I don't quite think the youtube version does him any justice.
He is just so good live.
I saw him at the Chicago concert series at Millenium park.
The concert was free. I have no idea why it wasn't packed.
I really respect a man that kills it when all he has is his voice and guitar.
Oh and I did I mention that he is Irish?
At one point he went off on a tangent talking about how he had seen Seal perform earlier that week.
He said it was like a concert straight from 1995. 
"If Seal would have played Ordinary Brother over and over again it would have been the best show ever. But he didn't so it wasn't."
After the concert I stood in line with a bunch of teenage girls to buy his cd.
You should too. It's on iTunes. If you regret purchasing the CD feel free to email me your complaints. I will then route them to the Easter bunny because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE NOT TO LIKE IT.


This is the famous Chicago bean. 
It doesn't look this clean in real life. 
But it charming all the same. 


  1. Oh gosh. Isn't he amazing. I discovered him when he opened for Ben Harper a couple years ago and I've been listening ever since!

  2. Haha I'm a little upset that you didn't call me...

  3. Let's go to a concert next week! Picnic in the park?

  4. Such good photos! I love that one of the kid sticking his tongue out at you.

  5. Great pics! I love the one of the tennies on the seats..and the ceiling.. superb!

  6. what! seeing him for free at millennium park? i don't think the word jealous is adequate. we jusssstttt got back from a chicago trip this past weekend and had a spare day to roam the city on Monday. We caught the dress rehearsal for the preview of the 2012 chicago broadway series at the same stage, which was awesome in itself, but I couldn't imagine seeing someone as wonderful as james vincent mcmorrow there! how was it not packed? great great pics!