journal prompt // a first in love

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday! We're excited to kick off the first journal prompt link up. The prompt for this week's was:

Tell about "a first" in love (first love in general, first kiss, etc.).
Link up if you wrote your own -- we can't wait to share your secrets!

Harley & Jane

By Jane
We were wrapped up in each other and sitting with our faces close. Whispered words we exchanged, some lighthearted and others philosophical.

Emotion swirled in the small separating space between us, tying together our kisses and laughter.

He moved across the room and sat on the Persian rug to look for something. Attached with the quiet, yearning string that accompanies blossoming affection, I followed and perched Indian style in front of him, shamelessly wanting to be the sole focus of his attention.

The kiss was interrupted. My eyes were closed and his breath was on my lips when slipped out a sentence, releasing a cage of wild flutterings inside me.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

My usual tendency is slowness, deliberate caution, so I was surprised when, even though my heart pounded and my face flushed, I said it back without hesitation. And I knew I meant it completely.


By Harley
We had met twice in person.
With countless hours of talking, emailing and skyping in between.
The third encounter.

I had fought these feelings. The ones that I pretended not to have. Hidden behind the facade of anger when really it was sadness.

I was enamored by your charm and devastated when it was used against me. After a quick summer romance I was feeling invincible. Your looks. Your wit. Your appeal. You couldn't catch me.

We found ourselves side by side looking up at the stuccoed ceiling speckled with gold flakes. He moved closer and I hid my face.

He kissed my forehead.
"Don't do that...I'm not kissing you."
My cheek. My chin.
"Alright, but not my lips."
My forehead. Small kisses down my cheek bone. 
The butterflies I had repressed for so long whirled up inside me. 
My nose. My temple. My closed eyes. 
His lips graze the corner of my mouth. 
I said nothing. 
My lips.


  1. Ah i spaced this but i love the idea so much! i will post mine tomorrow. i am excited. your writing is both so lovely. the part about kisses on the cheekbone gave me little butterflies.

  2. umm...i accidentally linked up twice. i only meant to do the "first time beautiful" one. hopefully you guys can delete it so i'm not cluttering up your space!

    1. No worries! Thanks for linking up :) Loved your post.


  3. love this - didn't see it till just now so i linked up an old "first love" post - because i love writing about this kind of stuff - hope thats okay..if not, i wont be offended :)

    1. Totally fine. We're happy to have you!