Life in Chicago.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wake up at 6am
Get Ready
Walk to the Train Station
Catch the 7:12 or 7:35 Train... Usually the 7:35...
Read/Sleep on my way into the city
Arrive around 8:30
Walk to work
Start work around 9
Eat Lunch
Attend cool advertising meetings
Get off around 6. Sometimes later.
Check out something cool in Chicago. I have found when visiting a new city you have to do something everyday or you won't even put a dent in it. 
Walk back to the Train Station
Catch the Train home
Read or watch Netflix on the 1.5 hr train ride home
Arrive home
Grab some Dinner
Skype Michael
Sleep by 10pm

It is crazy busy but I like it that way. I am feeling mighty adventurous exploring the city on my own. Here are some instagrams from my first week. I am off to get myself a Chicago dog!

1. Up early for the first day
2. First day attire. 

3. Leo Building. 
4. Snacks waiting for me at my desk
5. Random Car show on the way home.
6. The view from my floor.
7. Running to the grocery store.
8. Polka dots and tiny feet. 
9. First official Business lunch
10. My little red cubical 

P.s. Jane you are amazing and I miss you!
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  1. Oh my goodness! I am sooooo excited for you! Enjoy this time!!!

  2. I just moved out of the Chicago area! Are you loving it so far? The Metra is a great place for reading or Netflixing, good choices! :)

  3. aww you look so adorable (eww! any time in the morning before 6...oh heck terrible)!

  4. So happy I came across your DARLING little blog :) I look forward to keeping up with Harley and Jane's adventures!

    xo Shane

  5. what beautiful pictures! chicago looks like such a wonderful place to visit, will put it on my list :)

  6. Hey Harley! I just replied to your comment on my blog; I'd love to get together for lunch one day if you want--I work just down the street. I hope you're enjoying Chi-town!