Insta' Wrap

Sunday, June 3, 2012

1. Spring Flowers
2. Best salad ever. Kale, Apples, Cranberries, Almonds, and Creamy Black pepper dressing
3. Michael reading while I try on shoes.
4. Lovely flowers from my Mom and Michael. Being in a play does great things for my home decor. 
5. My sister ordered a HUGE cheeseburger from Cheesecake factory. 
6. Anthopologie display.
7. Slurpee date night.
8. Before and After Stage make up. 

Life is good my friends. Now if the heat could just cooperate and never go above 90 again...
 that would be great. 


  1. Stage makeup is always so crazy (in a cool way). My sister was a theater major and I loved seeing the different looks she had to create.

  2. so fresh and springy, this post! xo.

  3. Instagram is my latest addiction, don't you think its just the instant art fix we all need? By the way, Hi! I'm Andrea!
    DoublClik Photography

  4. i WISH it were 90 here, we're over 100 in the AZ!