How it really is in Chicago

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shoes: Ross, Skirt: F21, Shirt: Macys, Necklace: Anthro

Things I love-
The energy & passion
The wonderful people I get to work with
The beautiful summer nights
The theaters! Oh the theaters!
Walking everywhere
The lovely ladies that make sure I have something to eat every night
The free diet coke
The beautiful water
The 31st floor
The time that I have to read. (so many book reviews coming!)
Intern Scavenger Hunts

Things I unlove- (1984 reference... anyone?)
The dreadful smell the engulfs my nose every so often
The 1.5 hour commute. This girls love public transit, just not 3 hours a day of it.
The drunk train.
The long long work days
Walking everywhere
Humidity- my poor hair.
My missing husband

Second week was as successful as the first, but this week I actually got invited out to lunch! I could be making a friend... I never imagined how difficult this whole networking thing would be. For starters I don't drink. Newsflash EVERYONE DRINKS. Provo you have not prepared me for the real world. The interns always invite me to go out with them and I am like... I don't drink... and they are like... oh, never mind. Maybe I should just start accepting and order a coke? Plus 95% of the interns are single. So they all want to get their mingle on if you know what I mean. Therefore I have about two giant degrees of separation from the other people I am supposed to be "bonding" with. Bust. And I have no husband. I have finished both seasons of Dance Acadmeny. Don't judge me. I blame Meg. 

Missing Michael is hard. Way more difficult than anticipated. I figured Hey! I am a strong independant woman! While this is still true having someone there for you 24/7 is awesome. We skype everyday and talk on the phone, but obviously nothing can compete with face to face interaction. Three weeks until he comes to visit me. Why the hell did we decide on a 5 week long interval between seeing each other?

I just swore. oops. Anyone have tips on coping with loneliness? My books aren't that much fun to talk to.


  1. I totally feel you because I'm here by myself, and we will play. BUT things that I do when it's down to little old me: Watch Parks and Recreation SERIOUSLY. Get free trial of blockbusters, netflix, hulu and audibles. Not so you can spend your Chicago adventure inside, but just so that when you ARE inside, you at least feel like someone is talking to you.

    Michigan Avenue is totally fun, and even if you're broke, go window shopping. Take a photography day where you just go around photographing things that interest you. There's a little stretch of beach over where I live. Go to it, it's glorious.

    And yeah, you know what? Go out "drinking." Get a soda, and come with an excuse about how you have to leave by a certain time to talk to your husband or something, so that way you can get outta there before any REAL drinking happens, but drinkers are good people too, and it won't hurt to get to know them.

    Also, I'm not sure what ward you're in, but mine is very social without being annoying. The Relief Society is fun and active and young. If you want, you're always welcome at my ward.

    Hope these help. My husband is here, but gone all day while I have NOTHING to do, so I'm getting better at this lonely business.

  2. I am currently spending a week without Scott and it's not very much fun. I can't imagine 5 weeks in a row. I agree with Sierra, it probably wouldn't hurt to go out with the "drinkers" at least once to see. My sister is a lawyer in Chicago and she always has to go out with coworkers and order soda. But she says lots of times she drinks for free because the bartender assumes she's the DD! Ha! This advice is terrible coming from me, however, because I am not super social and probably would avoid those group hangouts as well. Good luck!

  3. next time you feel lonely go to jamba juice and order a "white gummy bear" . . it's not on the menu and technically it won't bring your husband there but it is an amazing little treat that you will be thankful for!

  4. Harley I am serious--we MUST get together to do lunch! I don't drink either, I know your pain! Luckily there ARE people here who don't...although there ARE a lot of people who do...haha! Anyway, it's hard adjusting to a new place--keep making those friends and find just one or two that you can really talk to and call up to hang out casually. There is live music in my plaza on Mich and Lake every Wednesday--maybe we could meet up one of those days for lunch! :)

  5. My husband and I dated for 2 years long distance. Haven't tried it since we've been married but I can imagine it's terribly difficult. I can also relate with all the invites to go out drinking. I don't like to go out to bars but that's what the majority of my classmates did on a regular basis so it was hard to relate sometimes. I don't really have any good advice, but it does help if you want to hang out with the interns to find a shared interest such as board games or thrift store shopping and plan something where you can join but not feel uncomfortable. Good luck!!

  6. I hope the next couple weeks fly by until your husband visits! And I hope you find some fun people to hang out with.

  7. Love the green and navy. Classic chic.

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  8. You look amazing! That green suits you so much! also girls I am in love with your blog! Xx Elly

  9. mmm loving all the green in these pictures :0) and when i moved to california i was very very lonely, i definitely read, but i also joined classes. like spin or yoga, and sometimes i would get to know people - either way, it was nice just being around people...xo