Cute Family is Cute

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss CadyAnne {bottom right} is throwing a birthday party for her friend in a few days. What a cutie, I know. Besides all the other cool handmade gifts she's done, they made these fun photobooth props. I think my favorite is the Indian feather headband, and doesn't Porter rock that long yellow mustache? 



  1. Love this! Much better than the standard lips and a moustache.

  2. love love love this. for our next party we need to hire her as the planner.

    smores/trail mix party for my graduation?????????????????? ill be in provo on august 9th.

  3. This turned out so cute! I love it when I see someone use our tutorials. If anyone wants to know where to get the tutorial, stop by!

    -The Letter 4 :)

  4. cute photo props! My favorite is the Indian feather headband too! :)