That one time we got caught in a Hurricane.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harley's version
The weather was beautiful so we decided to ride our bikes to zumba class. Little did we know that a thunderstorm was on its way. We come out of class and see the weather and realize that there is no other option. We must brave the storm. I zipped up my trusty green jacket and stepped out into the wind and rain. We ran to our bicycles. The wind blowing us over. The rain was pounding down. I was thankful for my glasses that acted as little windshields for my eyes. We had to ride over to Jane's apartment so that we could pick up her swimsuit for hot tubbing later. We were pedaling as fast as we could shrieking every time that the wind came up. Literally it was blowing me sideways. We saw the lighting striking and we heard the thunderclap that followed.


We pedaled faster. We made it to Jane's apartment and drove into the below ground parking garage. Normally I freak out if my bike isn't locked up, but this time I just left it there because someone would have to be insane to ride off in this weather.

We ran inside to grab the goods. I then proceeded to stuff a towel and swimsuit in my water proof jacket. It is notoriously good at keeping things dry. Jane put on a hat. We had hoped that the storm would lighten up. No such luck. We went back out and ran into the parking garage, mounted our bikes and took off.

In moments like this you have to accept that what you are doing is ridiculous and move on. The rain was falling so fast that I was soaked through in a matter of seconds. I kept yelling ridiculous things. I couldn't feel my legs. I would look over at Jane and see her little owl hat and sweater soaked all the way through. My glasses were splattered with raindrops.

We rode by the hospital in Provo and a huge gust of wind almost pushed me off the sidewalk. I was yelling the whole time.

We finally made it to my house, threw our bikes to the ground and ran inside. Both of us were soaked all the way through. And then we took pictures of it because moments like riding through a hurricane should not be forgotten.

Jane's version
As Utah is a landlocked state, we usually don't see much coastal weather, but last week was an exception. Harley and I decided to ride our cruiser bikes to zumba and by the time we got out, a hurricane was ripping through Provo. It took us a while to get to my apartment since we were riding into the wind. I grabbed my swimsuit and Har stuffed it in the front of her Peter Pan jacket -- she looked weirdly pregnant or lumpy or something, but it also brought back vivid Vienna memories. She wore the Peter Pan jacket with the hood cinched many times in those first few rainy months.

We braced ourselves and ran out into the eye of the storm screaming and laughing. We could hardly walk because the wind was pushing back so hard. Once back on our bikes, we opted for the sidewalk -- probably the safest choice, as more than once the wind blew so hard from the side that I saw Harley's bike sway out from the bottom toward the street, and it caused me to completely lose my own balance. I had to stop my bike, regain my footing and go again. Honestly I'm a little surprised neither of us got hurt. She couldn't see because her glasses were covered in raindrops, and I was practically riding with my eyes closed because the pelting rain hurt. Somehow we made it to her house, but we were soaked from head to foot. Even my tennis shoes were dripping.

What a fun adventure to have with a best friend.


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