One of those things you laugh at... later.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My dear husband has been excited about the Avengers ever since he found out they were making it. He bought our tickets way in advance. He even paid extra for the iMax 3D because he wanted to see it in High definition. The theater was chosen because of its seat selection process. Assigned seats? Yes please.

What you should deduct from that above paragraph is that this was an EVENT in our household. One that entailed a choreographed run to the cheesecake factory in Murray, a quick picnic in the car, and a mad dash into the theater.

Everything was going as planned. I even got out of rehearsal 15 mins early. We were on our way up to South Jordan. We got there about 10 mins before out food was ready to be picked up from the Cheesecake factory so my husband let me take a quick peak in the new H&M up there. It made me miss Vienna.

Afterwards we picked up our food and Google mapped the directions to Jordan Commons. We were on our way. We arrive park and eat for a few minutes. About 20 mins before the movies is going to start we head into the theater.

You see... we cannot miss the previews. The new Dark Knight trailer is out. The one that my husband has already watched 40+ times since it came out on Tuesday.

So we go in, splurge on two sodas and a large popcorn and head down to the iMax theater.

Now something was up. We got down there at 6:53 and people were coming out of the theater. "That is weird," I say. Michael goes to check it out. "Is there another iMax theater here?" I wonder.

I see him talking with one of the workers.

His face falls. He walks back slowly. Apparently there are two iMax theaters. One in South Jordan and another in West Jordan. How many Jordans do they need? Really?

He says, "Well I guess we don't get to see it."

I pull out my cell phone and do some quick GPS magic. 18 mins from where we are is what the GPS says.

Michael is too angry/dissapointed to think. This is not just any movie. THIS IS THE AVENGERS. WE HAVE HAD THE TICKETS FOR WEEKS.

I shepherd him outside with both drinks in my hand. He follows behind me with a big tub of popcorn. We are carrying all of this against the flow of people in the theater. He mutters more things about being upset. Not wanting to go. All the money wasted. But there is no way I am letting this slide. We are back in the car by 6:59. I tell him to step on it.

At one point Michael ran a red light. And maybe there were some outbursts. At another there was a cop behind us. Oh and the turn we needed to get of the freeway just happened to be closed. Something was working against us. It must have been Loki.

Red light after red light we finally made it.

The parking lot was packed. We left our sodas and popcorn behind resigning ourselves to a movie without them. We literally ran through the parking lot and into the theater. It was pitch black and the movie has already started. We move blindly through the theater. I sit down on the stairs while Michael tries to figure out where we are supposed to sit. We are now the people that we hate. The ones that come late and block everyone else's view. Thank you kind sir in row R that told us which row it was. We found row P and moved to our two reserved seats directly in the middle of the theater.

We watched for a couple more minutes and the title screen came on. Apparently we only missed a few minutes of the movie- if that. And thank goodness I had the foresight to shove that piece of cheesecake into my purse before all the craziness ensued.

One wrong theater and a red light later we made it to the movie. Avengers was awesome. I didn't hate Scarlett Johannson. She was pretty BA. But we are going again tomorrow. To see the Dark Knight Trailer and get the whole experience.

Oh. What a night.


  1. I love you people!!!! This account was almost as good as being there! ;)

  2. I love you people!!!! This account was almost as good as being there! ;)

  3. ahhh!! that's so frustrating!!!! i would have been swearing and punching everything. but really, good job on the cheesecake-purse-stuff. i hear avenger's is amazing. like, you will never need/want to see another super hero movie, EVER.
    and that bit about loki? genius.

  4. You guys are hilarious. I loved the movie. I went with my dad and brothers and am trying to convince my husband to go again with me!

  5. That's pretty impressive you made it to the other theater that fast...with all those obstacles, lol. I really don't see why they need more than one Jordan either! My husband and I want to see that movie so bad, hopefully next week sometime.
    Modern Modest Beauty