to do list

Friday, April 13, 2012

The final exam rush begins.

I'm relieved I no longer have a schedule entirely made of GE courses {American heritage, biology, geology, astronomy} because those were darn hard. Poor sister has all of those, but I keep telling her college gets better each semester. Maybe not easier, but at least bearable.

So let's see...
Here's the to do list I've got for the next few days:
  • business write up
  • turn in business write up
  • give money to Elizabeth
  • hot yoga
  • deposit the check that's been sitting in my car for 2 months
  • push ups
  • study for religion test {200 questions -- whaaa?}
  • study for business test
  • finish editing final
  • turn in editing final
  • go to Logan on Saturday
  • plan road trip with sister {Grand Canyon, here we come!}
  • watch Titanic 3-D
  • watch The Hunger Games {again...}
  • get sushi
  • write that letter
  • buy the art journal e-course



  1. Clearly 'watch titanic 3D' should be at the top of your list. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. remember how the editing final is "so easy. you'll all get a's"? i love that he told us that.
    TITANIC WILL MAKE YOU CRY. i promise. it will change your life. even if you've already seen it. it will change it again.

  3. cant wait for you to get hereeeeeeeeeee