Rwar's Little Facts.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Today we have some little facts.
But before that. Here are some pretty pictures.
Just because we love you. 

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Little Facts

1. The Body. I really believe that each woman has her own unique shape. For me it always seems that unless I am being crazy with work outs and eating that I generally always end up the same weight and size. I have now grown to love it and really appreciate all the good my body does for me. Just be healthy. Stay active for 30 mins a day. Eat fruits and veggies sometimes, but also eat french fries! The moral of this story is APPRECIATE your body. Be happy with your differences because as soon as you start embracing who you are others will too.
2. Peeve. People. Picking. Their. Nose. That is all I can say.
3. Allergy. GRASS. I love the way you feel on my feet, but you make me so very itchy.

1. The Body. Once in high school art class I created a drawing that compared the body of a woman to an animal skull and a cello. They actually imitate each other, believe it or not.
2. Peeve. Stepping in something wet or sticky with socks on. Especially wet.
3. Allergy. I never used to have allergies, but this year I do. It took me a month of a runny nose and sneezing to realize I probably wasn't sick...


  1. nose picking is gross. i stare at people who pick their nose in their car. just stare at them until they realize they're being watched.
    wet socks are the worst. THE WORST. i hate when winter comes and my socks get wet all the time.

  2. Love the pretty pictures! And yes - nose picking IS gross, especially when it's one of my children and I don't know what they are touching with their booger hands afterwards.

  3. I feel like I always see people picking their nose when your stopped in the car next to them.

    Also I can see a cello imitating a woman's body, but I'll have to look closer with an animal skull.

  4. gorgeous photo!
    Harley- I love what you said about the body. If only everyone could have that same idea
    Jane- We totally have the same pet peeve! Stepping in anything is so gross

  5. Love the confetti, that would be so much fun...if that's what it is lol

  6. Love the pretty pictures and totally agree on both of your peeves!

  7. Oh my gosh! Stepping in something wet with socks on is the WORST!!! And grass is the WORST! Haha. Thanks for linking up ladies!

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