Pastel with a dash of Cobalt

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yesterday was a difficult one. After a hugely emotional weekend it was all I could to pull myself out of bed. I am lucky that I have a man that bribes me with massages. The conversation went something like this.

Me: "I just can't go to work. I can't do it."

Him: "How about you go to work and I give you a 20 min shoulder rub tonight when you get home."

Me: "I just really don't want to go... I could sleep forever."

Him: "Okay a 30 min shoulder rub."

Me: "And you will make dinner?"

Him: "And I will make dinner."

Me: "Deal.

How I love that man of mine. I also found him listening to this song while doing push ups. Awesome.
(Kelly what are you wearing?)

On to the outfit. In theory I love these shorts. They are a delicious minty teal and they are long so I don't feel like I am exposing all. But on the other hand.... I may look like I just picked up my husbands shorts off of the floor, dyed them real fast, and then hung out in them all day.

Thoughts? To keep or not to keep that is the question.

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  1. Pretty color combination but I am most smitten with the shoes.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Aw, what a sweet man you have! Hopefully you are feeling better...:)

    And I love the mint color of these shorts! The color is so versatile and matches so many things. I can see what you mean by the natural wrinkle in the fabric, but for a semi-casual look I think it kinda works!
    And that necklace is perfect by the way!
    XO - Marion

  3. So cute ! Love this outfit! Going to browse through your blog now!!

    The Weekend File

  4. ok, i love your hair!! it's way longer than when i last saw you....which means its been too long since i've seen you.

  5. I love that top and those shorts are so cute! :)


  6. sounds like you've got yourself a keeper:) hope things are better, pretty lady!

  7. Hello! Just found you via EBEW :). Love the shirt and necklace. Gorgeous hair! Look forward to keeping tabs on you more now!

    Warmest Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  8. Oh la la I love this combination! What I really want to know, though, is what parking lot are you at so I can come and stalk you> Too creepy?

  9. i love love cobalt! and trying to find the perfect cobalt top to wear with my white denim pants, the blue will pop so much more with the white bottoms

  10. Sounds like your husband is a keeper! Stoping over from EBEW, I love you color combination. I like the shorts - they are a keeper too :)

  11. to keep! there is NO question. great cobalt & pastel outfit. :) the blouse is romantic. your hair is gorgeous. i dig the necklace too.

  12. you look famous in that first picture.
    keep it. i like this outfit. especially that top. i think i'm in love with it. i think this is what true love is.

  13. I really do love the color of those shorts, and they pair so well with cobalt. Maybe cuff them up a bit more?
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. I literally tried on these shorts this morning at Gap before I saw this post! I was kind of thinking the same thing, I LOVE the color, but I'm not sure about the fit. But to be honest, I think they look fantastic on you. Keep them!

    p.s. I hope your week is going much better now!

  15. You look gorgeous!!


  16. I think those shorts are too fancy for your husband. I don't think he'll like the minty color shorts.

    I love those shorts a lot. Yeah me too, I can't wear shorts too tight or too short. So I think we are in the same boat in that dept.
    (I always look like I just picked up my husband’s shorts off of the floor, dyed them real fast, and then hung out in them all day) every time I wear shorts (heheh)


  17. What a gorgeous color combo! I really like those mint shorts on you, I say keep em! Sounds like you have a really great and supportive man :) PS I'm your newest follower

    The Tiny Heart

  18. You're so cute! I pretty much love everything about this outfit. Definitely following. Thanks for your sweet comment at Book of Leisure!

    xo, -Elizabeth

  19. thanks for popping by my blog
    i am loving the cobalt and mint
    will have to try that with my new mint trousers

  20. you are beautiful my dear. just beautiful.

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I think you're adorable. I love the your color combination here and I think the shirt and necklace are fabulous. I'm not sure I adore the shorts though, the fit/length is a bit strange, even if the color is great. (Hope my honesty doesn't make you hate me!)

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