Little Letters

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear stack of NYTimes on my desk,
You're out of control.

Dear Macey oranges,
I appreciate your size and juiciness. The bigger the better, right?

Dear campus sprinklers,
I've never been so happy to see you.

Dear Easter weekend,
Come faster.

Dear blog,
Sorry for the neglect. I'm not good at being publicly creative when life is being an emotional rollercoaster.

Dear Facebook,
I actually don't mind life without you.

Dear tapioca pudding,
You are my new love, and I'm planning on stocking up my food storage with Costco-sized containers of you.

Dear group project,
Pretending you're not due next week...

Dear GoogleDocs,
You'll never know how many times you have saved my life. I probably owe my senior year sanity to you, my friend.

Dear baseball,
I'm not sports fanatic, but I like you. Baseball season = spring. Unless you live in southern Idaho...then you play most of the season in the gym or a snowy field.

Dear South Carolina and West Virginia,
Thanks to James Taylor and John Denver, I want you I need you oh baby oh baby.


  1. i love your brain.

    now we need one that says...

    dear snow- go away.

  2. Love these! I do a little "Life's Little Notes!" every monday as well. cute blog!

  3. dear group project: i'm pretending your not due...

    haha. if ONLY that actually worked!!

  4. i hope your group partners aren't reading this post ;)