The Husband is gone.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Prepare yourself.

Michael and I have been married for 8 months.
Time goes by faster now.
I never anticipated becoming one of those people. 
You know... the ones that just got married and are always gushing things like, "ohmygosh being married is the greatesttttttttttt."

But here we are. Me wondering what on earth life would be like if I wasn't with him.

Life is a funny twist of fate.
Not that I believe in fate.
But Michael and I met on a blind date.
I wasn't looking for anything or anyone.
A long relationship had just gone south and I decided I need a lot time alone to figure myself out.
Cause if I didn't know what I wanted who would?
I wasn't looking.
But we met. And there it was. A connection.

He was funny. And tall. And used to be a rapper. 

Did I have any idea that he would one day become my husband?


Did it surprise me when he contacted me the next day?


And now we are here. Married.
All because one friend thought we might hit it off.
Thanks Taylor.

The word love is used so carelessly.
What does it mean to love?
To have affection for another does not seem to do the word justice.

I am not a writer. Nor do I claim to be.
If I could somehow put into words what I feel for my husband I would.
But I can't.
So for now I will continue to fold his laundry and make the muffins he likes and hope that somehow all of these actions plus the word love will let him know how much I care for him.

Today he left for a business trip.
This is the first time we have been apart since we got married.

The house is clean.
A movie has been watched. 
The dishes and laundry are done.
My journal has been written in.
Scriptures have been studied. 
My homework has even managed to finish itself.

And it just isn't nearly as good as doing all that stuff with someone by my side.
So I suppose that I have become one of those people now. 
Because Sunday nights are sure a lot better when he is around.


  1. Hey Harley, I am new to your blog and I must admit, I love reading your posts! I have been married for about 8 months too and I feel the same way. Isn't it funny how life works? I found Ryan when I wasn't looking and now I wonder how I ever enjoyed life without him. Thank you for the post. Happy Monday!

  2. I thought this was so cute. I have been married nearly 10 years and I still feel gushy and giddy. Married life is the best. And you most definitely are a writer. Great post.

  3. aw this just tickled my heart...xoxo

  4. I know the feeling. It's never easy, both to wait around alone when you're used to the company, nor to admit that you are really just pining for him.

  5. You're a writer. Don't let anyone tell you any different, Harley. I love the way you wrote this. So real. So from the heart. Just beautiful.