And I shall call this outfit post Sherbert.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Shirt: Thrifted, Pants: Anthro (super sale), Shoes: Target, Necklace: AE

Spring semester is seriously nuts. Here is a normal day:

7:00am- Wake up {if i am lucky}
8:00am- Be heading up to campus for work. Either at BYU or the costume shop.
11:00am- Head over to the AdLab for meetings

Class somewhere in there...

1pm-5pm: Rehearsal for Arabian Nights
5:30pm: Arrive home and work
7:30pm: Work out classes
9:00pm: Hang out with friends

I feel like I am gearing up for my full days in Chicago. I sent the paperwork in today so it is official. I am going to Chicago for the summer sans husband. I am super excited. I will be working at Leo Burnett which is a huge advertising firm. Have you see the Allstate commercials? They do those. And McDonalds. And Coke. And they just landed Sprite. Boom. I am sure I won't get to work on those big fancy clients. But be happy for me. Ill be working 80+ hours a week making the big bucks in one of the great cities of United States. I got some pretty good suggestions last time about what to see and eat... so I am PUMPED I SAY. Pumped.

Have a fabulous day in this dreary rain.


  1. LOVE the colours. Sherbert is the perfect name! haha!!!! Super cute lady!!

  2. I love these colors together! And I love Sherbet. So double plus!

  3. Sherbert! Now I want sherbert and it's not even 8 in the morning yet!
    Love those colors together. Great casual outfit...and sorry you've got a rainy, busy day ahead of you (but tomorrow's the weekend! YAY!).

  4. What an amazing opportunity! You're going to love chicago. And I love that top with those jeans, what a great color combo!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Mint is totally my current color love :)

  6. umm I kind of love this outfit. and yeah love your blog. oh and am SUPER excited for you to be going to leo. Cannot wait to hear all about it.