Manic Monday

Monday, March 5, 2012

 Dress: Vintage, Sweater: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Nine West
Every Sunday night I crawl into bed thinking, "Where has the weekend gone?" 
Then I wake up Monday morning. 
The busiest day in the whole world I tell you. 
There is just not enough time between parties, homework, cleaning, church, and running errands to do things I am passionate about. I can't even remember the last time I sat down to play the guitar or sew. 

So here is to a new week. Where in between all of my responsibilities I am going to play the guitar. For at least an hour. Anyone want to come jam?

Hold me to it my people.
Also these shoes are my favorite. 



  1. Good for you!!! :) And you look super cute!

  2. I will hold you to it! I can't even tell you how many times this same thing goes through my head. Its nice to have some "me" time!

  3. Harley you are the bright spot to my day!


  4. Abso-lutely LOVE the color blocking. Gurl you WORK IT~!

    See you Thursday?? (:

  5. chunky necklace. so awesome!

  6. check out that blue skirt! love! - you are always so good at pulling off bold colors

  7. That necklace is amazing! Love it and your style!

  8. Um...hello adorable colors!!!

  9. I saw your blog on Clothed Much and it looks cool. I love the bright colors in this outfit. I am hosting a fashion link party, called Watch What I'm Wearing, and I would love it if would add a link at Maybe you will get some new visitors from it as well.