How to: Eat Oreos the Right Way

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I learned this trick from a good friend in high school. First I looked at him weird, and then I realized how genius it was. You may agree.
{Step 1}
Squeeze the Oreo as you slide it onto a fork carefully.
{Step 2}
Submerge fully in a cup of milk. Depending on how soft you like your milky cookie, I'd leave it in there for 7-15 seconds. You'll have to experiment.
Enjoy a mess-free way to eat Oreos & milk!


  1. genius!

  2. i had a roommate teach me this. it's the only way to eat an oreo.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I had never thought of the fork before!

  4. Oh that's genius! It only took me 22 years to find the right way hahaha

  5. YUM. You can't beat oreos and milk!!!