Guest Post: Rachel Sayumi

Friday, March 23, 2012

Heyo,friends of Harley & Jane!
My name is Rachel Sayumi. I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi.
I'm so excited to be guest postin here today! I LOVE Harley & Jane and their sense of style.(:
Today I'm going to chat a little bit about how I started my lil bloggin hobby.
So. I've had a Blogger account since 2007,since my aunts who live all over the States started blogging about their families,and I loved seeing what my cute lil cousins were up to.
Then,during the springtime of 2011,I discovered through my roommate blogs such as The Daybook... Thrifted Things... UCreate... All that fun girly stuff that I LOVED.
After feelin like a total creep for blog stalking a bunch of women,I decided to start one of my own during the summer of 2011. Also,it gave me something to do,since a lot of my friends had left on LDS Missions and all I ever did was work, swim in my pool, eat.. and sleep. I was pretty bored. So basically it was like a journal of funny/cute things that happened in my life.
Then,inspired from Katherine at Thrifted Things,I discovered my love for stores such as Goodwill,Saver's.. and Deseret Industries. I could not believe what treasures I could find! It was amazing!
Slowly over time,it started to be a "what I wore" blog.
(back when I was tan...)
I came back for my second year at BYU during the fall of 2011,and I really started getting into combining my clothes in different ways that I had before.
I started picking up more and more followers. Then,during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks of 2011,I started to refashion clothes I'd find at thrift stores. I really started to get creative with the way I dress,rather than the plain shirt,jacket,and jeans combo I used to wear. EVERY DAY.

Through blogging,I learned to really appreciate style and utilizing all of the clothes I have. I learned that it's okay if I can't afford J. Crew or Anthropologie. I found the beauty of thrift stores.. Target... and Forever21. Those are my top 3 stores I shop at! And hey,I guess I'm doing a good enough job since it seems like people enjoy what I wear? haha.
And now,here I am! Still learning and growing from every post. It has been such a fun adventure,and I have definitely made some legit friends from this world of blogging!
I will throw in random tidbits of my life,good deals I find,music I'm into.
I honestly never thought it'd become what it has today!
Before I peace out,here is some advice for aspiring bloggers. Not that I'm an expert,but I have definitely learned a ton!
1. Don't do it just for publicity. Make it something fun,something you enjoy doing!
2. Don't worry about followers. I remember when I'd FREAK out if I lost a follower. Now,it's just whatever. I appreciate the support,but that's not the sole reason why I'm blogging. It's a fun & creative outlet for myself! (hehe)
3. Have fun with it. If you're not into fashion,then don't force yourself to blog about clothes. Base it around something that interests you! It will only be for your benefit.
Thanks,H&J For having me here! You two are super sweet.
Thanks for reading!
Rachel Sayumi.

 She is pretty much the best is she not?
Thanks so much for stopping by Rachel we think you are the coolest. 


  1. Awh, I just lovee Rachel's blog. She's got the cute stuff rockin' for her.


  2. you are ADORABLE. that is all.

  3. I love both of your blogs.
    Great inspiration and content (and outfits). :)
    Happy Friday.

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  5. Awesome guest post, loved reading about the blog progression!