20 Random Things

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20 Random Things 
Inspired from Hopes & Dreams.

1. Favorite food is tacos.
2. My glasses are real thank you very much. 
3. Shaving my legs is one of my least favorite things.
4. I eat peanut butter crackers basically everyday.
5. I don't brush my hair.
6. Zumba is my favorite work out.
7.  I struggle with saving money. 
8. I grew up in a town called Puyallup.
9. I intend to have all of my childrens middle names start with the letter D. 
10. Dishes are my worst enemy. 
11. I can quote the entire Mean Girls movie. 
12. My laugh changes depending on who I am hanging out with. 
13. Eating is probably my biggest hobby. 
14. My cars tabs have been expired for 5 months. 
15. I am supposed to be at work everyday at 8am. Generally it is 8:15. 
16. I wear three rings at all times. 
17. My favorite show is Parenthood.
18. Hunger Games tickets for 7:00 pm on Thursday. Be jealous.
19. I am super paranoid about people stealing my stuff.
20.  I am 5' 1". 

Tuesdays are my favorite. After an insane Monday, Tuesday is like a breath of fresh air. It is the husbands and I's lunch date day and I only have one class. So here is too a good Tuesday everyone.


  1. i like this list.
    i used to watch parenthood all.the.time. i need to get back into it.

  2. Love this! I have my tickets to The Hunger Games at 6:00 on Thursday! Can't wait. Love the last picture.


  3. TACOS ARE MY FAVORITE FOOD TOO....i had to yell about it. there was no other appropriate option.