101 Dalmations

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dress: Target, Leggings: F21, Shoes: ?

The outfit posts have been sparse as of late. Why may you ask? Well answer. I feel kind dumb for the following reasons:

1. I don't dress THAT good.
2. People give me funny looks. Mainly old people that live on my street.
3. Is what I wear it really that interesting?

But this week Katilda came up with something. She picked five inspiration outfit pictures and it has been awesome. I totally fail at getting pictures because I no longer feel the need to lug my huge camera everywhere with me. A 7 pound bike lock will do that too ya. But  this is one I did capture and it is 101 dalmatians. You sensing it? Black and white... spots. Oh how original. And actually fun. I do however have a question for you...

What would be a good way to spring this dress us? Thoughts? Because with this color combo of all black and white I am heading right back to the heart of Provo winter and that is no a place I really want to be. LOVE YOU ALL.



  1. my skin needs summer too. but having bike weather is keeping me pretty happy. also, why/how do you have a seven pound bike lock? i'm hoping it's just an exaggeration, but i've seen some pretty beefy ones on campus .

  2. I love when spring comes around and we all start to wear short sleeves and shorts, and it separates us white girl like no one's business. It takes me like 3 months to even get a little color.

  3. This dress is adorable. I'd make it more springy by throwing on a bright belt or shoes (yellow or pink would be my picks) with a fun bright statement necklace. You could maybe play up the teal (is that teal?) with a cardi or fun purse, too. :)

    lace, etc.

  4. I like your outfit posts! Your style is so cute and classy! Keep it up! I am attempting to do some myself. Don't judge it's my first one! :)


  5. 1. I don't dress that WELL. I'm sorry, I had to! Grammar freak! hahah
    2. I LOVE pupcat font.
    3. We all need summer, girl. So white!
    4. Regardless, you look adorable.

    And you are hilarious. Your blog always cracks me up!