Rock your valentines.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shirt:F21.  Undershirt:Gap.  Jeans:AE.  Boots:so old... no idea.

You guys.
I love today. I know some people think it is some over commercialized day where we just buy candy that we eat and flowers that die, but for me, it is all about love. Today is the day you get to tell everyone around you how much you care about them. How thankful you are for them in your life. A day to celebrate love in your life. Yes you love people everyday, but do you celebrate that love? Like really celebrate? Michael and I were at Costco last night and all these men were buying flowers. And I was just thinking about how many happy ladies there were going to be today.

So here is to today. 
Love day.
A day of love. 
Enjoy it. 


  1. These photos are lovely! And I really like those boots and the red top. I hope your Valentine's day is WONDERFUL!

  2. you are the second person today I have been in the cutest forever attire that i cannot seem to find there!!you look adorable and I love your bloggy!!!


  3. i love that polka dot shirt you are wearing. too cute!! happy valentines day!

  4. Ooo love the outfit! And love having a day to spread the love! Happy valentines day!

  5. I want to sneak into your closet and take that blouse! ha. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

  6. love this.

    and happy day of LOVE to you!

  7. That top is beautiful. love the colour!

  8. what a cutie pie - love the polka!

  9. Ok, that blouse is aaawesome! I love the cut of it. You look darling.

    See Me Rwar

  10. Cute outfit, I love your blouse!

    xo erica