We R Who We R.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two words you guys:
living room karaoke. 
Okay so maybe that is three words, but seriously have you guys ever done this??

If you haven't YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS.
You may be saying to yourself... I don't have a karaoke system or I don't have a microphone...
well guess what, you don't need any of that! 
Here I will give you the Keys to karaoke success. 

First of all grab yourself a group of about 6+ people. Any less than that and there is the potential of feeling awkward… plus singing in partners is WAY more fun than busting out a solo (unless you are into that jazz). And for some reason the dance moves just get better the more people you have.

Second find yourself a little laptop with internet access. As it turns out youtube.com has about EVERY KAREOKE SONG YOU COULD ASK FOR. All you do is type in said song + the word karaoke. Stellar. Our night consisted of Journey, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, Aretha Franklin, and much more.

Third you have to have something to use as a microphone. This is a must. Without one you won’t feel like as much of a rockstar. May I suggest a hairbrush? A spotlight is also helpful is achieving Rockstar status. We used a clip on lamp. Innovative right?

And fourth you get up the courage to sing in front of all your friends while the music is blasting. You laugh. They laugh. Maybe you dance a little. Or a lot. 

I suggest not taking video. That way you can relish in the awesomeness without you dreams every being shattered.

Rock on my friends. Rock on.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! And are we talking photo editing tutorial for those particular photos? Just clarifying, because no one has ever asked for a tutorial before! haha :)

  2. my friends used to use "ipod karaoke" as a punishment for bets lost, truth or dare, etc. Ipod karaoke: The performer is given a song on an ipod, they put the headphones so they are the only one who can hear said song, and they must sing along with full vigor & vim. No one else in the room can hear the actual song, just the singer -- it is hilarious. And embarrassing. All of the above.