This was the highlight of my day...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a new student i.d. card! woo!
i didn't care much for my other one, which i lost during christmas break. oops.
last time i went to replace it, i {for some reason} did my hair huge and curly, which looks fine in any photo but a student i.d. apparently. the employee took the first picture and showed it to me.
uhhhh...can i try that again?
and so it went, three more times. and i didn't like any of them, but after making the kid take my picture again and again, i was flustered and said, hurriedly,
oh, me and my blushing red face.
it happened again for this one, but at least the photo is okay.
also, instagram is like a pocketsized airbrusher.
thank youuuuu free app.


  1. I better be seeing both of you at the Blogger meet up. :D

  2. Your picture is way cute! I just had to replace my byu id...and now that I have braces for a few months I purposely made a really weird face. I'm totes replacing that thing at the end of the semester :) haha

  3. "lost" it. haha.

    the picture looks great darlin'!

  4. Haha! I made them retake it once. And I still didn't like it but there was a long line so I didn't want to take another one! Haha.

  5. twiggy expressed my thoughts exactly before i could say them.